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In the changing corporate world, outsourcing HR processes and receiving HR support services is fast catching up. It enables you and your workforce to become more efficient and effective and focus on your organization’s core competencies. Whether your needs are to reduce the manual workload or empower your managers and employees, Sharp simplifies, standardizes, and facilitates you in many time-consuming HR tasks that your HR team handles. This keeps your administrative costs low, enhances employee satisfaction, and reduces compliance risks. Moreover, it increases the HR impact and productivity by enabling in-house talent to focus on core business strategies

Our Consultants assess your situation, implement custom solutions, and integrate the processes that best meet your requirements. You can just concentrate on aligning Human Resource Management with the strategic goals of your company.

Our services can enable you to be conspicuous of your Senior Leadership Team and Board of Directors as they look for bottom line results. We can facilitate you in preparing HR products that will make an impact on your senior and top management.

We pledge to deliver high quality, cost-effective HR services, and solutions. After knowing your company’s business model and your department policies we will apply our skills and experience to help you meet your commitments economically, on time, and in a professional manner. For those who seek one-time expertise, for them, we will bring in equally experienced partners to get the job done according to their specifications, to your entire satisfaction.

Sharp Group provides different HRD Services with the objective of helping startups, SMEs and MNCs to set up best practices in HR on PAN India basis and select international locations.

SHARP can help you to improve HR & related functions in your Organization and make them more professional in following manner:

  1. Handling all End to End HR processes & practices from “Hire to Retire” and implementation of the same such as:
  • Preparing Annual Manpower Budget
  • Sourcing the Right Candidate for the Right Job at the Right Time and for the Right Cost (CTC)
  • Fixing appropriate Grade/Designation, Salary Fitment for the new employees and also finalizing their JDs/KRAs
  • Conducting all joining formalities for the new employees including Induction/Orientation programme
  • Preparing all kinds of letters to be issued to the employees such as Offer/Appointment/Confirmation/Increment /Promotion/Transfer /Resignation Acceptance/Retirement Letter etc. taking into consideration legal requirements & implications
  • Formulating all HR Policies, Practices, and SOPs such as Working Protocol, Working Hours, Weekly Offs, Attendance, Leave & Holidays, Business Travel, Loans & Advances, Employees Engagement Programmes, Fringe Benefits & Perquisite., other direct/indirect & statutory benefits
  • Guidelines on Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Actions for proven misconduct
  • Formulating policies on employee’s separation (Resignation/Retirement etc.), lay off, termination, retrenchment etc. in a smooth and lawful manner
  • Compiling HR Policies Manual and also making suitable formats of various letters, forms, documents, applications etc. For reference/use by the HR Dept. and the employees
  1. HR Consultancy and HR Audit
  2. Employee Satisfaction/Opinion Survey
  3. Employees Data Management
  4. Benchmarking on Compensation & Benefits (Monthly Salary, Annuals, Retirals, and Statutory Benefits) for any specific industry
  5. HR Help Desk
  6. Employee Productivity Improvement Schemes
  7. Annual Performance Management System
  8. Pay Roll Processing & Management
  9. Employees Grievance Redressal System
  10. Handling employee’s misconducts through disciplinary actions (counseling to domestic inquiry) by following “due process of law”.
  11. Employees Newsletter
  12. Employees Engagement Programmes
  13. Training & Career Development Programmes

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