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Labour Law Compliance


The labour laws have been enacted to give multiple benefits to the working class such as social security, financial, medical, old age benefits & also relief/compensation in case of death etc. Every establishment is expected to comply with provisions of these laws, failing which the statutory authorities can impose heavy penalty, imprisonment & cancel all business/trade licences etc. At the same time, stringent provisions, strict deadlines for activities & frequent amendments in the laws, have made labour laws compliance, a very difficult, complex and time consuming job.  You can, therefore, safely outsource & assign this important task to us In order to avoid the legal hassles so that you can concentrate on your core business activities and increase your revenue/profits.



Our is a HR and Labour Laws Consulting Firm of repute, having more than 19 years of rich experience of total compliance under all prominent labour laws, across all sectors of the industries, on PAN India basis. Apart from well trained & competent manpower, we have appointed on our panel of experts, highly qualified & industry experienced senior professionals and practicing labour laws advocates, whose services are made available to our clients, to ensure total and timely compliance under all the labour laws.



We are also specialised in total compliance under The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 (POSH Act) which is the most sensitive and important labour law, at present.

For total compliance under the Act, we undertake following activities independently:

  • Drafting of Employer’s Order
  • Appointing Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) Members including External Member and issuing Appointment Letters
  • Conducting Induction/Orientation Programme for ICC Members
  • Framing POSH Policy
  • Conducting ICC Meetings and writing Notices/Agendas and MOMs of ICC Meetings.
  • Conducting Awareness /Training Programmes for the employees
  • Preparing & submitting Annual Report to the Statutory Authorities and the Employer

We can also offer the services of an expert, who is on our Panel, as an “External Member” (NGO Member & Legal Expert) for appointment on the ICC


We can, therefore, proudly claim that “Sharp HRD Solution is the First Name and Last Word “ in labour laws compliance.

India's Leading Company for Labour & Industrial Compliance!

Labour Laws & Industrial Compliance Services

Sharp Facility Management Pvt. Ltd frames Statutory Compliance Mechanism as under:

  1. Statutory Compliance’s Periodical Audits
  2. Extending statutory formats of Forms, Abstract & Registers which is required to be regularly filed/ displayed/ maintained under various Labour Laws across India and under State’s statutory compliance like in Maharashtra
  3. Timely Alerts for filing statutory Returns under PF compliance, ESI compliance, Construction Labour Laws, Sexual Harassment Law, and many other Labour and Employment Law
  4. Keeping the clients updated with latest amendments and notification enacted or circulated by the Central or State Governments and implementation of such amendments in Organization.
  5. Streamlining compliances under all labour laws applicable to Organization
  6. Attend periodical inspections by Govt. Labour Authorities& submit requisite documents if needed
  7. To provide Compliance Reports as required (Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annually)


We provide Professional Consulting Services under all Labour Laws since 19 years.
Detailed understanding & interpretation of Labour laws.
Expert panel having current knowledge on labour laws and requisite PR skills to liaise with the State/Central Govt. bodies and local authorities.
Labour laws Advocates on panel.
Hassle free compliance.
Customized Compliance, designed as per needs of Client.




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  • Establishment compliance
  • Factory compliance
  • Payroll compliance
  • Contract Labour compliance
  • Industrial licensing
  • Liasioning
  • Consultation & Audit
  • Advocates on Panel
  • Regular update to the clients about the amendments
  • Senior Consultants & Retainers
  • Legal Team
  • Liasioning department
  • Labour laws Auditors

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Labour Law Compliance