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Leave & Working Hours

Leave & Working Hours

The Shops and Establishments Act, is enacted by every state in India. The Act is designed to regulate payment of wages, hours of work, interval for rest, opening and closing hours, holidays, overtime (OT) work, annual leave, sick leave (SL), casual leave (CL), condition of the employment etc.


Concept of Leaves:
Employees are entitled to a certain number of days of leave per year aside from the holidays and days off. Generally three types of leave are mentioned under the Shops and Establishments Act i.e. PL, SL & CL. This varies from state to state. So, the number of leave entitled to an employee depends upon the state in which the establishment is located in. The leave policy of an establishment should be in consonance with the leave provision of the respective state’s Shops and Establishments Act. The said leave policy cannot be less beneficial than that mentioned by the respective state’s Shops and Establishments Act.


Generally, the framework of the Act is similar throughout. However, the leave provision under the Act varies for every state.