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English Speaking | Personality Development | Interviewing Techniques Course

Batch Start date: 20th July 2019 (Saturday)

Duration:- 3 Months

Every Saturday: 9 am to 1 pm

 Free Demo Lecture : 13th July 2019

Venue: Dahisar.

Please reply on Email: or call on 9619410145

Certificates will be issued to the participants!


  1. Jobs are always available for English speakers. If you can speak English you have the ability to work anywhere in the world. The demand to learn English is so great that if you become really good you could even start teaching the language as a TEFL teacher yourself!
  2. English is the most commonly used language in the business world, and the second most widely spoken on the planet after Chinese. When different nationalities meet together to do business, English is the most commonly used language to communicate in. If you can’t speak English in today’s world, you are at a significant disadvantage compared to those that can.
  3. English is a very difficult language to learn without support if you are not a native speaker. Attending an evening course will improve your skills and help you avoid any common English language mistakes that many non-native speakers make. Plus, if you manage to learn English the process will help you learn other languages much quicker.
  4. English is also the language of the Internet. Many websites are written in English – you will be able to understand them and to take part in forums and disOnce you have full confident in your vocabulary skills you can easily crack all your interviews. To speak English fluently attend spoken English classes while taking classes you have more advantages to learn new wordscussions.


English Speaking Course Content

  • English grammar in use
  • Basic Vocabulary.
  • Learning sentence construction
  • Noun, pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Tenses, Preposition, Articles, Conjunction, Punctuation, Grammar usage in sentences.
  • Language Understanding
  • Story Telling
  • Practicing Public Speaking Skills
  • Extempore and Group discussion. Email drafting, Business correspondence. Avoiding spelling mistakes and mispronunciations. Letter writing practice.
  • Voice and Accent
  • Manners & Etiquette. Building confidence and developing presentation skills.

Personality Development Course Content

  • Attitude Development
  • Overview of Personality
  • Roles, Behavior & Skills
  • Managerial Leadership
  • Organizational Development
  • Email and Business Etiquette
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Crack Job interviews
  • Nature of Perspective Management
  • Practices and Techniques, both in a technical perspective and both the necessary perspective to influence change and to maintain improvement
  • Boosting your self esteem
  • Balance your presence among people
  • Find ways to produce value
  • Associate and create strong bonds
  • Reinvent yourself

Interviewing Skills Course Content

Interviewing Skills Content For Students & Freshers

  • Pre-Interview Preparation
  • What is an interview?
  • Why it is important?
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Competency based interviews
  • Common mistakes in interview
  • Building Raport
  • Key Areas of Interviewing Skills

Interviewing Skills Content For HR & Manager

  • How to Interview Hire Well
  • Develop an interviewing strategy and learn methods to open and close an interview
  • Establish a selection standard for employment
  • Types of Interviews
  • What to keep in mind while conducting an interview

Learning Outcomes

This Programme benefits participants in the following ways:

  • Equips participants to exchange ideas and opinions, express emotions, and present information.
  • Communicate effectively with colleagues–describe processes, defend ideas.
  • Be prepared to write proposals and papers–reinforce complex grammar
  • Be confident at interviews and seminars–improve pronunciation
  • Understand cultural differences–practice spontaneous responses
  • Ability to converse in simple, short sentences
  • Vocabulary enhancement, right pronunciation and basic knowledge of grammar

Career Benefits of this PD Programme

  • You will learn effective management communication plan or language which will help to execute any project successfully and make the client happy.
  • This Personal Development course will enhance the presentation skills that will help you reach success.
  • This course will help you to work in any potential professional situation to face business meetings, interview, telephonic conversations, draft the email and any professional situations.
  • You will feel more flexible and confident to deal with difficult times.
  • This course is beneficial for any student who is going to attend the campus drive interview, this will create confidence to deal with the interview.
  • This Personal Development Course is the guidelines for job trainers, HR professionals, whose job is to select the best candidates from the crowd.
  • The concept designed here is very effective, which helps in increasing the leadership quality of people.

Interviewing Techniques Benefits

  • Give you a greater understanding of the format and content of potential interviews
  • Help you feel more confident and prepared for upcoming interviews
  • Give you an understanding of what interviews are for
  • Provide some guidance on how to do yourself justice
  • Provide an opportunity to practice

Industry Expert who conducted this course in previous batch:-

Medium: English

Ms. Richa Verma

HR & Soft-skill Trainer

Experience: 10 years

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